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On January 23/2017, the clients and staff celebrated the 245 Queen Street Health Services site 8th Anniversary.  The centre wore a festive look with balloons and colourful streamers providing a celebratory atmosphere. Kiran Rehan, Manager – Health Services, addressed the gathering and talked about how the program and services of this location has grown over the past 8 years.  She also shared some interesting facts about the site and  talked about the importance of providing feedback, in order to help the program grow and thrive. Clients were then given the opportunity to share their own experiences and thoughts about the program.  Clients talked about their satisfaction with the program and how they enjoyed the socialization and companionship aspect of the program. Clients also participated in colouring 8th year Anniversary badges which they proudly wore during the celebration. Later, staff and clients cut the celebratory cake at tea-time and the evening continued  with a bit of music and dancing. It was a fun and memorable celebration for all.

8th anniversary picture