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Abuse Prevention (SAFE) Stop Abuse in Families Everywhere

We provide culturally responsive counselling to women, to assist and help empower the development of personalized strategies and solutions that help to promote hope and wellness in the woman and their family. This program helps promote quality of life for women living with violence or in fear of violence, by enabling them to take control of their lives and make a healthy transition to independence, freedom and empowerment.

  • Crisis intervention, counselling, risk assessment
  • Safety planning
  • Transitional support
  • Empowerment and educational workshops
  • Assistance with legal issues and advocacy
  • Referrals to community resources
  • Groups for women to promote wellness
  • Support groups for women and children who have witnessed partner abuse through the Helping End Abuse for Life (HEAL) network

French-language services:

Francophone or French-speaking women can get crisis counselling and referral services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling this toll free number:

1-877-FEMAIDE (1-877-336-2433)

This toll free number will automatically connect you with the closest regional crisis line.

The service is anonymous and confidential. You don’t have to give your name.

  1. Fem’aide
    Crisis Line: 1-877-336-2433
    ATS:  1-866-860-7082
  2. Oasis Centre Des Femmes
    Brampton: 905-454-3332
    Toronto: 416-591-6565
  3. Centre francophone
    Ligne de conseils juridiques sommaires en francais(summary legal advice in French)
  4. Aide Juridique Ontario( Legal Aid Ontario)
  5. Ministere du Procureur general
  6. Minstère des Services sociaux et communautaires
    Région du Centre-Ouest 6733 Mississauga Road,Bureau 200
    Mississauga ON L5N 6J5
    Téléphone général : 905 567-7177
    Numéro sans frais : 1 877 832-2818
  7. La ligne-secours Assaulted Women’s Helpline :
    Sans frais (Ontario):
    1 866 863-0511
    1 866 863-7868 ATS