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The Friendly Visiting Program is designed to maintain social and emotional interaction for socially isolated and cognitively impaired seniors in the comfort of their home, hospital and long term care setting by screened and trained volunteers. They engage clients in meaningful activities while providing respite and support to caregivers. Companionship is the key – depending on their interests, the pair may chat, play a game, do a craft or discuss the news. Our volunteers create a connection between the organization and the seniors. These visits make a critical difference in the quality of life of  the people served.
“I am very proud to say that friendly visits have given me an opportunity to spend quality of time with clients. Along the way, I have learned wisdom, care and respect from the clients, I always look forward to visit my clients; they have become my second family” says Asif Sayed one of our friendly visiting volunteer.
If you can spare a few hours a week to make a difference in the life of a senior, please call Sweety Khanija at 905-275-2369 ext. 291 or email: