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Living Well on a Limited Income

With millions of jobs lost during this pandemic, the first and foremost aspect that many individuals and families in Ontario are struggling to keep up with is their finances.  In particular, the most affected were those who were living pay-cheque to pay-cheque before the pandemic.  With the announcement of the relief measures from the government…

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Building an Effective Virtual Professional Network

Happy New Year!  If you are reading this, then that means you also made it into the new year and that is a big deal. You have another shot at getting that dream job so let’s get you started with these foolproof tips on building an effective professional network especially in light of the COVID-19…

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Habits and Lifestyle

A new era has come and the old pillars of normalcy are crumbling beneath the weight of the new. What that means is that in the continuation of the pandemic and the vaccine that is just around the corner, nothing will ever be the same as before. This change urges you to alter the lifestyle…

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Things To Do During Lockdown

We know how it feels – to go from getting back to a consistent routine, going back to the gym, seeing friends again for fun-filled activities and then all of a sudden, we’re back to a full lockdown and we’re restricted once again. Although it is with good intentions of keeping our community safe, it…

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