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To inspire further learning and provide an opportunity for newcomer children to enrich their adaptation journey in Canada, on February 9th, the newcomer children from Indus Youth Learning Club (YLC) went on a field trip to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). With a lot of energy and excitement, the exploration journey started with the bus ride that took the children to the Big City of Toronto. Children were fascinated to see and learn about the City of Toronto and its most prominent landmarks. At the ROM, the children had the opportunity to explore different galleries where they were introduced to iconic and unusual dinosaurs. They were encouraged to experiment with not only the dinosaurs’ skeletons, but with the many brand new English words and vocabularies that they had learned to spell and pronounce that day. With such intensive learning, taking photos with the live T. Rex was well-earned! [photo]. For our newcomer children at Indus YLC, visiting the ROM meant exploring the world beyond the boundaries of the identity, time and place. Their experiences in this field trip transcend the everyday challenges they encounter while adjusting to their new life in Canada.