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Finding employment is often the first priority and the biggest challenge for newcomers to Canada. Many newcomers learn the harsh reality that education and accreditation levels earned in one’s native country do not always transfer equally to your new country of residence. Finding employment can be an intimidating process. Indus will guide you through a series of steps that will make entering the Canadian workforce an exciting and fulfilling experience.

First and foremost, clients in the Indus Newcomer Programs are able to acquire extensive job search training. During your time in our program you will learn the latest best practices and techniques that are effective to help you find gainful employed in the Greater Toronto Area labour market.

Our services include:

• Skills assessment
• Resume and cover letter writing
• Coaching for a successful interview
• Labour market research, job fairs and networking opportunities
• Access to a Resource Centre and use of computers, telephone, fax and photocopier

Looking for a job is never an easy experience for anyone. It takes time, energy and determination to find the right position. Indus will help make that process a success. Enrollment in this program will bring you one step closer to finding a job that is meaningful for you.