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At Indus, we recognize and understand the difficulties faced by newcomers with language barriers. A language barrier negatively affects one’s ability to communicate effectively in a new country and tasks such as filling out government forms at the municipal, provincial or federal level becomes a difficult or impossible undertaking.

Our English language training program helps newcomers improve their overall English communication skills. Clients who complete this program gain a level of proficiency in English that allows them to become more engaged in their community, enhances their skills and their employment possibilities.
English language training is an important step to your success!

Our services include:

• English language training with certified instructors and specialized software
• Part-time classes from Literacy to Benchmark 8 (morning and afternoon classes available)
• Educational workshops, presentations and field trips
• Certificate of Language Proficiency to meet Citizenship requirements
• Transportation assistance to eligible clients
• Programming for school aged children during PD days, March and summer breaks

Care for children aged 19 months to 6 years:
Providing supervised childcare, by trained staff members, for the children of clients in our LINC program is an integral part of everyone’s success. Parents can concentrate on their program worry free and the children are cared for in a safe and caring environment.