Newcomer Services

Employment Services           

Finding employment can be an intimidating process. We will guide you through a series of steps that will make entering the Canadian workforce an exciting and fulfilling experience.

Job Search Workshops                      

This program is designed to support newcomers with one-on-one employment counselling sessions and a variety of employment related workshops and job fairs. It is open to all newcomers job seekers and helps them learn proven techniques required to gain employment commensurate to their experience and education. We also work with the employers and coordinate job fairs to facilitate the connection between employers and newcomers. These workshops take place bi-monthly and are free of charge.

Human Resources Bridging Program           

A specialized career building and job search program for internationally trained professionals with experience in the Human Resources field. This program provides an orientation to the Canadian Labour Market and helps prepare these professionals for success in the workplace. 80% of the past graduates are employed in a Human Resources related filed and some are in fortune 500 companies in Canada.

Contact to attend our upcoming workshops, job fairs or the HR Bridging Program.

English Language Training (LINC)                 

Our staff recognize and understand the difficulties faced by newcomers with language barriers. A language barrier negatively affects one’s ability to communicate effectively in a new country and tasks such as filling out government forms at the municipal, provincial or federal level becomes a difficult or impossible undertaking.

Our English language training program helps newcomers improve their overall English communication skills. Clients who complete this program gain a level of proficiency in English that allows them to become more engaged in their community, enhances their skills and their employment possibilities.

English language training is an important step to your success! Our services include:

  • English language training with certified instructors and specialized software
  • Part-time classes from Literacy to Benchmark 8 (morning and afternoon classes available)
  • Educational workshops, presentations and field trips
  • Certificate of Language Proficiency to meet Citizenship requirements
  • Transportation assistance to eligible clients
  • Professional care for children aged 19 months to 6 years
  • Programming for school aged children during PD days, March and summer breaks and throughout the year

Information & Referral                     

Since its inception, a key activity of Indus has been to provide clients with a multidimensional Information and Referral program. A strategic priority of the agency, we provide client-centred services that meet your needs. Indus has an experienced team of highly skilled counsellors that will present you with a variety of options to move your life forward in a positive direction. Based on that information, you make the decision on how to proceed.

Our services include:

  • Personalized counselling and support
  • Workshops, information sessions and guidance on skills development, training and employment
  • Translations and interpretation for settlement related issues
  • Commissioner of Oath services
  • Linkages to external services such as income tax clinics and legal aid
  • Referral to other relevant community and government resources

Our programs are free of charge and culturally and linguistically responsive. Our staff speaks a variety of languages including Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati and Arabic. Our programs are inclusive and welcome individuals of all faiths, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

Entrepreneurship Program for Newcomers            

Indus is excited to introduce our new entrepreneurship and income generation program for newcomers in the field of sewing and alterations.

This is a unique training program tailored specifically to meet the needs of newcomers who have some basic sewing skills or interest in sewing and alterations.  The program aims to spark the entrepreneurial spirit by providing the skills, knowledge and language to start their own sewing and alterations business. Participants will be able to gain skills around sewing and develop a firm understanding of business knowledge in a Canadian context.

The program also provides an opportunity to gain hands-on Canadian work experience through a variety of ways. The goal of this program is to introduce newcomers to entrepreneurship with the ability to become self-employed and financially independent.

HOW TO REGISTER?              

If you would like to join this program or find out more information, please contact the Project Coordinator Bahja Ibrahim at or call 437-238-1173.

Services for International Students             

Beginning studies as an international student in Canada can be very daunting, especially when dealing with multiple priorities while focussing on one’s education. Our settlement program helps make the transition smoother with:

  • Settlement counselling and orientation to Canada
  • Information about employment opportunities and ESA regulations
  • Assistance with various documentation and form filling
  • Guidance on accessing healthcare, housing, and financial supports for students
  • Referrals to appropriate community resources

Our focus is to provide information and orientation to newcomers to navigate the various government and social services available to them. International students receive assistance to develop social connections and participate in the community.

Additional support includes opportunities to participate in job fairs, networking meetings and basic employment counselling.

Guidance is provided to clients about Employment Insurance, Child Tax Benefit, CPP, Old Age Pension, Children’s Activity Tax Credits, OSAP, Ontario Drug Benefit program, scholarships, work permits, ODSP, Ontario Works etc. Many vulnerable newcomer women and students face sexual violence; we can offer settlement support to these clients with safety planning, immediate crisis counseling, and appropriate, confidential referrals.

Intersections (2SLGTBQ+ Newcomer Support)                    

Our Intersections program provides a safe space for newcomers to receive responsive personalized counselling support and information regarding settlement with a 2SLGTBQ+ lens, strengthening social networks, and decreasing isolation.

Some of our services include:

  • Private and confidential 1 on 1 settlement support
  • Inclusive, safe, and positive space
  • Workshops, presentations, & information sessions
  • Resource library, movie nights, arts and crafts, and fun activities
  • Linkages to external services such as income tax clinics, legal aid, and other relevant community services
  • Capacity building through community presentations and information sessions to help create welcoming communities that understand and respect the unique challenges faced by 2SLGBTQ+ newcomers

Community Connections                  

Starting a new life in Canada can be challenging, Indus is here to help with your transition.  Our program will match you with a local volunteer mentor who will help you learn more about your community and the available resources. Your mentor will help you learn about banking services, transit, education, community services and more.

If you are a newcomer who has been in Canada for less than three years, this is the program for you.

The program is available free of cost in Mississauga, Brampton & Oakville.